The Issues

In America we can all succeed. We need to keep it that way by keeping our economy strong and the playing field level.

The government has a critical role to play in keeping America strong and prosperous, but it is a limited role.

I offered detailed plans for addressing each of these problems while also strongly opposing the “Obamacare” law that was forced through Congress on a party-line vote in 2010.

At the same time, we must safeguard our Constitutional freedoms and refrain from violating the principles our soldiers are sworn to defend.

There is great reason for optimism in this area, but we need to make the transition through encouragement, entrepreneurship, and investment—not through taxation, bureaucracy, and punishment, as some in Congress want to do.

Whatever your goals are, the government cannot help by taking more of your money. It can help by passing laws that help instead of making your life more difficult.

The government cannot create prosperity, only the American people can. The government needs to stop making it hard for us to do so.

The recent recession is the result of bad government policy and private sector greed. In 1995, the Clinton Administration changed regulations to force lenders to give more mortgages to more Americans.