The Issues

Even as we struggle to shake off the recent economic downturn, America is still the strongest, most vibrant, most entrepreneurial economy in the world. This is not the product of government policy.  It is the result of a nation full of people who have the courage to take risks and the imagination to dream big.  America really is the Land of Opportunity.  People still come from all corners of the globe seeking the American Dream.  Even in Europe, old class distinctions sometimes limit a person’s potential to succeed.  In America we can all succeed, and we need to keep it that way by keeping our economy strong and the playing field level.  The government has a bad habit of picking winners and losers.  The more we ask it to do, the less freedom (and money) we keep for ourselves. The government has a critical role to play in keeping America strong and prosperous.  But it is a limited role.  The government makes mistakes.  The welfare laws of the ’70s and ’80s and the housing policies of the ’90s and ’00s were disasters that caused immeasurable harm to many American families. Those who could least afford it were hurt the most. Now, new mistakes are being made in healthcare and energy policy. Elections have real consequences.  We need a government that has the wisdom to know when and how to help and when to get out of the way.